Thursday, April 21, 2016


01 March 2016

"Time is immortal and can hide the love"

There was time when you dream
Wind on field weren't hot
Breath I felt when you were close
All the while I was no one

Reason I say is no more now
I am the wood burned bad
Years passed as you rained
Time stuck when u lie

I am half drench till my toe
As the rain stopped over a night
Wood shadow reflects you
Do you know the change in me

Birds never empathize the wood
As winter, they may remain mine
I guess not too along its been
Wood as I am laying in dark

Clay on the field is still wet
Before I tell my story ,you wait
I know the bird between the Love
When you say two meaning hidden

Don’t be afraid as wood is dark as I am
cloud always needs more and lose nothing
When u don’t believe in moment
Time I have is less to lose

Just remember once you fly across
In a moment the cloud passes
And the end of wood is nothing
When u skip the truth ,wood is wood

"There is always someone out there for everyone to dine"

Door Down Street

Time never changed ,can't pick the place
Running with lonely past, day that i wasted
I never wanted a day but walked alone
two step away from death and fire

Glad i am still alive seeking for unknown
so you think i not a person
sky and clouds are formed from my eyes
I never afraid to tell what it is

years running around on same boat
I wish you are the one but why me
can't view myself anymore on breaking road
knocked almost all the door down street

when will i feel the eyes that looks me
travels i took for looking the lies
telegraphs i wrote where did it go
could someone tell me story to sleep

buried myself below the veins
Not in a hurry ,well as i have seen the worst
still can take more until am stoned
no reason for you to beat so fast

colors are different but i choose the one
trains i travel took me to the west
birds i saw flew over the past
Meaning you search is nowhere ,it's me

pain is not anyone ,It's a music that i play
strings are hard, while i sing
Until the day when the darling dipped

Now here I go for walk in rain

Thursday, June 18, 2015

YoU NeveR KnoW

                                                         YoU NeveR KnoW

I am close to my heart
Where no lines are drawn
Never thought it was so far
But I believe the destiny close to the star
baby you never know who I am

This is the way I tell story
Keeping my mind open for different view
Never cared how you read
But you never know who I am

The page you read has no meaning
Trust u gave isn't over
Cold breeze on lonely place isn't far 
If you think you know more
you never know who I am

Price I paid for the Love u chose
high you fly ,more I learn
Way u avoid ,I already knew
Crowd you form will never come along
But you never know who I am

I could just feel something
Second chance you take to break my step
I see highs and lows of living
It wasn't supposed to be this way
Place you trying to reach ,that’s where I belong

you never know who I am
It's just I am trying to find my way
To write a diary of my life
I am nothing is what you think

But you never know who I am

by Naveen vito

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Perfume of an Orphan

World can't give life and dream to everyone but when each one of them is born into this world, they have unspoken dreams in their life. Most of the children born are never been to reach up to their dreams.
Its has become a mystery than darkness but that doesn't matter they don’t know where it comes from
But they are waiting to seek the answers

A little place to stay, no hard feelings
I never know the pain but weeping
It was so dark and no shine on skin
Like a little cub, I was rolling

Angel voice read my mind ,still couldn't open my eyes
Memory was low but never forgot the magic I felt
Moment I Lost ,I always felt over you
Eyes were shut but music was on ,heard it before  
What is this world ,more mystery than dark

Like an arrow I was stuck by love
Smell of perfume all over the cave
Will find it before I fall asleep
Still I call it magic, hard to get over

Lots of things are mysteries. But that doesn't matter
I don’t know where it comes from
But worth waiting to seek the answers
The story you choose to tell, isn't far

Will I be able to touch the stars
Is this light comes from sun,
Music I hear must be from stars ,wow!
I know I am a baby inside the womb
And it's time to count the stars I felt

With hope in heart, I felt the world
I can't tell you what it really is
I see a cross over the wall,
Colors already I knew was all true
But no angel after I was born

My bed is on crowded street and I have no crown
I slowly see the magic of life ,stars are gone
I never tasted the warmth of fore-milk
Smell of perfume will never be the same

When the spring begins, my thirst might go
I pray for shower from heaven to spray
Will the rain turn my angel again
I am not just another one, for my name
Rang a joy of bells, I am an orphan

Naveen vito

Thursday, May 21, 2015


Time to time life keep changing like climate and for most of them who are in love, its unpredictable.There will be a day for man who is in love, walking alone on lonely road to strip his feeling during the time when rain comes like a shower from heaven.
Here i couldn't wait for the shower from heaven as i was already running out of I seek for a bird and it came but nearer it came ,the hotter i felt... 

Bird and Burn
I walked on strange road, world ends
I puke on road side, rained that day
I striped my feeling, day by day
Well slept on lane, dreaming 2 miles away…
Woke up by broken dreams
lonely road; where no one dreams
my eyes on Midnight bird
                                                                                 seeing threw the misty night
No clue how it flew but It's my bird
why don’t you stay until the day
It was my love and i wish to tell
Can anyone tell aves 2 miles away...
Sand is low and waiting for aves to come
lies that you said and flowers that i gave
truth you hide, when i see you as drug
here it comes but now i want aves 2 miles away...
Now it's time for new day to dawn
for soul ,i don't know where it goes
but here comes the aves 2 miles away...
but here comes the aves 2 miles away...
When spring began and winter ended
I floated as wood as dark as i am
aves you take me as woods & quemadura (burn)
i see my soul and wood are same as my love
2 miles away...i saw my end
2 miles away...i saw my tears
2 miles away...No matter the way it pain
2 miles away...i see you

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


When everyone enter this world, there is almost a dream that each of you carry in your heart and most don't get the chance of  telling people who you care the most, that this all happen in between us in life.
Yes,even i have kept my life going along a dark hidden road, which leads into woods.which has my heart inside the wood, which I felt very humble when meeting her and telling the story; how i grew and knew that i have heart.

Beginning Is Not Always An End


The End Comes Always, The Way You Began

I begin now AND si vede END

As these Woods,so As Dark

Masters rays of the sunset pierce

Slanting Down Into Woods

As These Woods so As Dark


Still I Feel the Pain

where I See Blood Over My Vein

Along With Oyster Mushroom

Oyster mushroom is part of my Life

Now I saw Rays going Down

Redeem Failed on Darkness Peak

protesting Against What I Seek

Days unturned.. darkness stayed

Redeem Failed

Waited in Dark till Day I burn


I Know I Will Burn,Not required an Angel to turn

because I AM THE WOOD

I Fell the heat

I Fell the heat

I Fell the heat ,YES I AM burning

May be thats unfeigned like i realise that i have heart

she Came As Rain left before the shine

I Fell the heat ,YES I AM burning

I see My self into Broken trunks

Hey!My roots are in tact

I See them rolling with Fire

May be thats unfeigned like I realise that I have EYES

I see HER in Far like SMALL pond

My sprits in the Way of parts reached HER

fire was put down

I felt the cold ,thats not My Fault

Il suo immenso dolore


I AM WOOD***si vede END

Naveen Vito   

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